Is it Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software?

How To Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software Featured

You’re mindlessly going through your day when you unconsciously check your pocket when the shock sinks in “where's my phone?” Or, your teen hasn’t been responding to your texts and calls the whole day, leaving you wondering “if only I knew how to find a phone, I could surely track my child at all times.

Whatever your reason or purpose may be for wanting to pinpoint a cell phone’s location, the methods we’ll be sharing here should help you out. So, read on and learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software (if possible), and how to remotely monitor GPS locations utilizing third-party software.

Is It Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software?

How can I locate my phone that has been missing for a couple of days? Can I track my phone that was stolen? Is it possible to remotely identify where my Android phone or iOS device is? The real question, however, is ‘Can I actually do it without installing software?’ Well, the short answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.

Sure, there’s a myriad of mobile applications or computer programs out there that can help track a cell phone (and we’ll also be discussing those later). However, many of these are not able to track a phone without being already installed. Instead, start from the basics - without any third-party cell phone locator involved. Aside from the convenience, it would also help you save a few bucks.

Cell phone developers have managed to incorporate built-in tracking programs especially to newer models or versions of devices they release - Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google’s Find My Device, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile to name a few. You could also restore location details from previous backups or cloud storage. If all else fails, reach out to the phone’s network carrier.

The thing, however, is that most of these methods would require a few things to function properly. For instance, the GPS location must be enabled to acquire real-time updates. Some might also require the target device be turned on and connected to the internet, or in the case of cloud-based storage and backup tools, data must have been recently synced.

How To Track An iPhone with iPhone Location Tracking Software

In the case of lost or stolen phones, with their high market value, losing iOS devices could hurt the most. Though it would also be inconvenient to lose an Android phone, especially if it contains valuable data, an iPhone’s price isn’t something someone could just easily shrug off.

In the case of third-party monitoring, most parents and employers find it a bit challenging to keep track of activities on iPhones due to Apple’s strict security protocols. Good thing, there are phone trackers that could grant remote real-time access to target iOS devices, allowing them to regularly receive GPS location updates.

To give you a good start in tracking an iPhone, here are three of the most efficient iPhone locators you can trust and rely on. Please note that remote installation for these programs only works on iPhone when utilizing the iCloud credentials installation process.

  • Auto Forward
    Auto Forward has been one of the leading monitoring apps for more than seven years. This software works well with all iPhone models and versions, simultaneously collating and uploading information from the target iOS device to their web-based control panels. It allows users to view text messages, call logs, phone locations, multimedia files, online activities, and more.

  • Highster Mobile
    Highster Mobile is compatible with Android devices, but is one of the best spy software offering iPhone monitoring features. This app can be installed remotely without the risk of locking the target user’s iCloud account. It’s packed with advanced tracking features that could acquire even deleted activity logs. The GPS tracking feature is highly accurate, enabling users to view the device being monitored at least 50 feet from its actual location.

  • PhoneSpector
    PhoneSpector is one of the most modern monitoring programs utilizing cutting-edge technologies to silently acquire information without compromising the target iPhone. This phone tracker can be installed on an iOS device without the need for jailbreaking. Though it utilizes multi-layered algorithms, the complexity of used codes doesn’t manifest in its general user interface. From installation to navigation, PhoneSpector is extremely easy to use, even less tech-savvy users shouldn’t have any issues operating this tracking program.

Other Methods On How To Track A Phone's Location

How To Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software Other Methods

As we’ve previously mentioned, it is possible to remotely track a phone's location (especially on iPhones). Aside from installing and using cell phone trackers like Auto Forward, Highster Mobile, or PhoneSpector on an iPhone, here are some other methods on how to find your phone or track somebody else’s device.

Built-In Locators

Should you wish to track a phone’s location history, it’s best to always start with the basics - built-in or exclusive features.

  • Android’s Find My Device
    For Android users, you may utilize the Find My Device feature to “find my phone's location”. This functionality is connected to an active Google account and allows you to locate devices linked to it. You may also share and view real-time GPS locations via Google Maps. Here’s how to track a cell phone location without installing software through the help of Find My Device.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in to your active Google Account (if there are multiple accounts, log in using the account on the main profile).
  3. Select the Android device you wish to track.
  4. The lost phone will then receive a notification and on the map, you’ll get the location history of the device.
  • iOS’s Find My iPhone
    For iOS users, you may utilize the Find My iPhone feature which is programmed to work with iCloud. Aside from remotely tracking the iPhone’s location, this also allows users to remotely lock the device, wipe out data, and display an emergency message. Here’s how to acquire activity logs like web browser history, GPS locations, and social media interactions without the need to install a software on the target iPhone.
  1. Launch the Find My app or navigate to
  2. Sign in to your active Apple ID.
  3. Click All Devices then select the iOS device you wish to track. Note that if the iPhone isn’t showing up on the list, it could mean the feature wasn’t enabled.
  4. The map will then refresh, showing the current or last known location of the target iPhone.
  • Google Family Link
    Family Link is another app created by Google to help parents and guardians ensure a safer and healthier online environment for kids. This one-stop platform offers various features, including the ability to track devices without the need to actually install any tracking apps or monitoring software.
  1. Launch the Family Link app.
  2. Select your child’s device/account.
  3. Navigate to the Location card.
  4. Tap Set up then tap Turn on.
  5. Wait until the system loads your child’s device location.

GPS Tracking Service

Certain GPS tracking services typically work for devices that aren’t smartphones. One example is AccuTracking, a web-based tracking service allowing you to view locations from any internet-enabled device.

Phone Provider/Network Carrier

If all else fails, push your luck and reach out to your phone provider or network carrier. Some of them - especially major ones like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T - can track phone locations. They may use IMEI tracking and other built-in tracking tools as well.