mSpy Review

In a Nutshell

mSpy is a well-known phone monitoring software that claims to be easy to install and use to track a phone. They offer potential users the ability to search the model of the target device on their website to check its compatibility with their tracking software. Users are supposed to be able to keep track of phone activities and automatically record and store information from a device in the mSpy login panel. However, many customers have admitted they had switched from mSpy to other spy apps, like Highster Mobile, due to lack of customer service and other failed features.



  • Compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.
  • Includes the basic phone monitoring features necessary for customers.


  • License keys are for one device only, which can come at a cost for parents who have multiple children.
  • Advanced features do not work for Android devices unless rooted.
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support.
  • Need physical access to the device despite if the target phone is an Android or iPhone.

This will be an honest review from our personal experience testing this software. If you are curious if mSpy is the best cell phone tracker for you, you can trust our opinion to assist in deciding if mSpy is what you are looking for.

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What Is mSpy?

mSpy is a spy phone app that is supposed to be able to record all information from a target device like social media, call logs, text messages, and even locate a phone utilizing GPS tracking. The mSpy app should record information from a target phone and store it securely to the personal control panel to view at a later time.

How Does mSPy Work?

The mSpy mobile tracker works differently for an Android or Apple device. The following table demonstrates the requirements needed to monitor either an Apple or Android device as stated on their website.

Apple Android
User’s credentials
Physical access
Installation on device

For the spy app to be successfully installed, the software must be compatible with the target device and operating system. If the device is compatible, the software should work by following their three-step installation process.

How To Install mSpy?

mSpy’s three-step installation process is as follows:

  1. Buy mSpy - Pick one of the subscriptions they offer and fill out the order form. Once the payment has been completed, find the email from mSpy that includes the installation instructions.
  2. Install and Set Up - Download the app and complete the installation process onto the target device.
  3. View the Information - Log in to the personal Control Panel to view all information from the device.

Once these three steps are complete, the app should automatically record and store the information from the target device onto the secure control panel, which unfortunately our testers could not complete.

Key Features

The following list includes the features mSpy offers as stated on their website:

  • Call History
  • SMS and instant messages
  • GPS location
  • Browser History
  • Messengers
  • Social Networks
  • Photos and Videos
  • Other activities such as Wi-Fi networks, emails, installed applications, and ‘more’.

Needs Improvement

Besides needing physical access to the phone regardless if the target device is an Android or iPhone, the software simply did not successfully install, which makes mSpy seem like a waste of time and money. Although most cell phone monitoring apps require physical access to a target device, at least other softwares successfully install and record information, unlike our experience with mSpy. We even had several members of our staff try to do so (unsuccessfully).

User Skill/Experience Required

The mSpy app claims to be user-friendly, however, even our experts had a difficult time with their software. SO, If you are not tech-savvy, it can be difficult to install and utilize. Another skill many users are familiar with is rooting an Android device, which despite what mSpy may claim, is required to utilize some of the advanced features offered.


Price per month
1 month premium $48.99
3 months premium $27.99
12 month premium $11.66

Our Findings

mSpy was a disappointing tracking app and did not work as promised, especially for the price. It was shocking to find out they don’t even offer a free trial to see if the software is compatible with a specific target device. Additionally, the website states that no jailbreak or rooting was required, but to explore the advanced features for Android devices, it is necessary to root Android.

To install this monitoring software, we had to check if the target device is even compatible, which in most cases it is not. If the device is compatible with their software, there are multiple steps to be completed to begin recording information from a target device. When trying to find the best cell phone monitoring software, always consider finding one that is quick and easy to install. mSpy appears to be more complicated when it comes to installing the software, which was a bit frustrating.

Our testers also discovered that although mSpy claims to work with all iPhone models, the software was not compatible with newer versions of the iPhone like the iPhone 11 and 12. Instead, we highly recommend one of the other cell phone spy software programs we’ve reviewed like Highster Mobile.