Qustodio Review

In a Nutshell

More kids today are tech-savvier than their parents, especially adults who weren’t born or didn’t grow up during the initial stages of the digital age. Plus, hands-on parenting today alone can be challenging. Adding online parenting to the parenting load could be too much for some parents or guardians. Not to mention the seemingly endless list of possible threats and dangers waiting and lurking on the internet.


With our desire to help parents protect their kids, we scoured the market in search of mobile applications that would make excellent parenting tools. One monitoring software that caught our attention is Qustodio. To set a clear picture of why you could trust this program, here’s an overview of the in-depth Qustodio review our tech experts initiated.


  • Qustodio offers a free version of their product.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Kindle.
  • Smart web filters and alert features.
  • Cross-platform; multi-device.
  • Reliable games and apps blocking.
  • Accurate GPS location tracking.
  • Panic button.
  • Real-time activity monitoring.
  • Easily accessible comprehensive reports.
  • Straightforward and strategically designed interface.


  • Expensive
  • Limited social media monitoring
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What Is Qustodio?

Qustodio is a monitoring software specifically designed for child monitoring. This computer and phone tracking app is packed with a myriad of tracking features, security settings, and parental controls. Hence, it’s an ideal and practical parenting tool.

This parental control app is meant to address and somehow resolve certain digital risks children are more likely to encounter or experience. Qustodio is designed with smart tools and intuitive functionalities that could help suppress and/or solve abnormal sleeping patterns, device/online addiction, data privacy, inappropriate content, online predators, cyberbullying, bad social behaviors, and mental health issues.

The Qustodio family portal is a powerful and reliable cross-platform monitoring software capable of supporting more than 100 devices at once. It offers real-time monitoring and accurate tracking, providing comprehensive and extensive results. The included features and tools are meant to help parents in:

  • Keeping their children safe.
  • Creating real-life and virtual life balance.
  • Achieving full visibility of their child’s activities.
  • Helping them learn from or get great value from the content they access online.

Despite the complexity of the codes utilized, this well-thought-of program remains to be easy to operate and navigate. Its general user interface has been designed in a way that even less tech-savvy parents can utilize it without much issues or hassles.

How To Install Qustodio

Unlike other programs or apps to monitor kids’ phones, Qustodio is easy to install. Also, you can create a free account anytime and enjoy trial access to Qustodio’s premium features by simply heading to the Qustodio login page and providing the needed information.

  1. Choose a Plan - First, you have to choose which plan best suits your needs. Aside from your budget, be sure to take into consideration the device type you’ll be monitoring and the level of tracking needed.
  2. Download Software - Initiate the installation process by clicking on the Download button and running the software.
  3. Configure Account - Follow the on-screen instructions to further set up and activate the software.
  4. Monitor Devices - Access the Qustodio web or install the Qustodio app on your iOS or Android device to start tracking your child’s phone use and/or monitoring their online activities.

Being an all-in-one cross-platform software, Qustodio can be installed on any of the following devices:

  • Android - All Android devices running on Android OS 5 and up.
  • iOS - All iPhones running on iOS 11 and up.
  • Windows - All Windows computers running on Windows OS 7 and up.
  • Mac - All Mac computers running on macOS X 10.10 and up.
  • Kindle - All Android and Amazon Kindle devices running on Android OS 5.0 or FireOS 5 and up.

What Can Qustodio See?

Qustodio is an excellent parenting tool as it provides remote real-time access to kids’ devices. Also, aside from monitoring and tracking features, this spy program is packed with parental controls and security protocols - all of which help parents steer their kids away from possible dangers and threats online.

Upon completing the installation and configuration of the software, access your personal dashboard - the web or app version. The cloud-based control panel enables you to virtually and remotely follow kids’ phone use and digital footprints. Here’s some of the information Qustodio can see.

  • GPS locations
  • SMS text messages
  • Phone call logs
  • Facebook messages
  • Youtube searches and views
  • Google Chrome and other web browser history
  • Time spent on screen

Key Features

Qustodio is an efficient and reliable tracking app for kids. Here are the key features available to subscribers:

  • Content Filtering - Filter mature or malicious content and block age-inappropriate mobile apps and websites.
  • Activity Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of offline and online activities, engagements, and interactions.
  • Location Tracking - Spot your child on your map and the details of their current whereabouts. This also saves most visited places.
  • Call and Text Recording - Records phone call logs, including phone numbers, caller IDs, timestamps, and call durations. Captures sent, received, and deleted text messages.
  • Phone Use Regulating - Set screen time to regulate phone use, prevent addiction, promote better sleep routines, and enjoy more quality time together.


Several users think Qustodio is more expensive than other phone tracker apps. While this could be true if one only considers pricing, you’ll get great value for your money when taking into consideration the powerful tools, efficient features, reliable customer service, and overall satisfying experience.

Here are the available plans for the Qustodio phone monitoring app.

  • Free Version - Monitor 1 device and it’s free of charge.
  • Small Plan - Monitor up to 5 devices for only a $54.95 annual fee.
  • Medium Plan - Monitor up to 10 devices for only a $96.95 annual fee.
  • Large Plan - Monitor up to 15 devices for only a $137.95 annual fee.