Turbo Spy Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

turbo spy review


  • Easy to use interface
  • Feature-packed
  • No physical access needed to view monitoring reports
  • Provides access to complete messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent for parental and employee phone tracking.


  • Does not support geofencing, but it does support enhanced GPS location tracking.
  • Physical access is needed to install the cell phone spy software on an Android phone.

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What Is The Turbo Spy & Tracking App?

The Turbo spy and monitoring app is the new cell phone tracking software that has helped parents protect their loved ones and employers easily track employees. This new unbelievable app gets you instant results at a “Turbo” speed directly to your own control panel. The Turbo spy app is designed to make sure it is easy to install on all mobile devices and has proven to be more than your typical parental control app with its incredible features. 

The pricing of the Turbo spy and tracking apps is unbeatable compared to most other monitoring software programs. Offering a plan of $29.99 or $69.99, you can decide which plan will work best for you. This is a one-time fee, unlike most other products, and it does not expire. You can utilize the software for as long as you need! They also offer an extended download warranty which allows users to have up to four license keys. This will enable you to monitor up to 4 devices at once. This is crucial if you want to monitor more than one employee or child at a time. 

Key Features

Besides the endless features the Turbo spy & monitoring software offers, they have unbeatable customer service to help answer any questions or issues. They offer phone support and are available 24hrs/day to ensure customers get help right away. We called in, and the friendly support specialist answered all questions in-depth and clearly. Aside from the incredible support, here are more of the fantastic features you can expect to receive with the Turbo spy and tracking app.

Social Media

The Turbo spy and monitoring app will log social media activities including sent and received messages, comments, photos, & videos. This includes apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Parents can check their kid’s use of social media efficiently and make sure they use the apps appropriately and safely. 


View email activities on iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, and others on the device with the Turbo spy software.


See the keystrokes and characters entered on the device. This is crucial for seeing specific apps and accounts. This is displayed with the time to know precisely when this was put into the device.

GPS Tracking 

See the target device location on a map that will continuously update throughout the day. Employers can ensure employees are at work or a job site on time, or parents to know where their children are after school. 

Photos & Videos

All photos and videos sent or received and stored on the device will be logged on the Turbo spy app control panel. Users can even see any downloaded images or screenshots taken, and all will be displayed exactly as it appears on the device. 

Text Messages

The Turbo spy software will log text messages and iMessages sent or received on the target device. See the number, time, and contact associated with the text. This is crucial for employees to ensure work devices are utilized for work purposes only.

Call History

With the advanced and clear display dashboard, users can see the total number of calls, what contact or number called, and the time and the length of the call. Parents have found this helpful feature to ensure their kids are not talking to any unknown people.

Remote Phone Locking

This feature allows users to lock the phone in case the device is misplaced or stolen. This remote lock will lock the device until the unique license key is entered. Crucial for work devices containing sensitive and personal work information. 

Web History

View a device’s web history, including the URL of the website visited, what time, and terms searched. See any activity performed on Google or Safari. Great for making sure work devices are utilized for only work needs. Parents can also utilize this feature to make sure kids are not visiting or communicating with someone they do not know. 


The Turbo spy and tracking app will display a device’s complete contact list exactly as it appears on the target device. See the contacts saved on the phone. This feature is helpful if you notice any new numbers being added to the list. Employers can make sure only work numbers are being utilized and saved to the device, or parents can verify the number to make sure they know who it is. 

Turbo Spy App for Android 

The Turbo phone spy and tracking app was impressive. It worked on all Android devices we tested the software on, including LG, Samsung, Google Pixel 6, HTC, Motorola, and other well-known brands. The installation was just as simple as it was explained on the website. Utilizing this simple process, we were able to set-up the app on the Android phones easily.

  1. Open the email and send the download link to the target device. 
  2. Locate the download link and install the Turbo spy app.
  3. Login using the credentials provided in your welcome email and enter the phone number.
  4. Log into the control panel and see results from the device immediately.

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Aside from being straightforward and quick to install, the Turbo spy app has many impressive features. Other apps we have tried did not have many features or rooting required to access all of the app's features. This tracker app required no rooting to access their various and advanced features. Here are only a few of the top features we saw using the Turbo spy phone app on Android. 

  • GPS Location - View the device location on a map.
  • iMessages - See sent and received iMessage and text messages even old or deleted.
  • Call Logs - Displays date, time and length of phone calls along with the phone number.
  • Keylogger - This incredible keylogger feature can display all keystrokes and characters entered into the target device.
  • Messaging & Social Media - See messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, Snapchat, etc. 
  • Phone Media Files - See videos, pictures, documents, and GIFS.
  • Installed Apps - View the apps currently installed on the target device.
  • Online Searches - Displays the URL and any other web searches directly to the control panel.

Turbo Spy App For iPhone

The Turbo spy app was the most impressive monitoring app we have seen in quite some time. With the ability to access the various features on all devices without rooting or jailbreaking. The same features mentioned above you can expect to receive and more when tracking iOS devices. The Turbo spy app works on all iPhones and iPads running on all iOS versions. It is effortless to install, and the clear dashboard display makes it easy to see exactly what you want. The app even worked on the latest iPhone 13, which most tracking apps promise, but do not deliver the features promised.

Who Can Use The Turbo Spy App?

All parents and employers can both benefit from the incredible features the Turbo spy monitoring software offers. You can utilize the software to your needs, and the different pricing options allow you to select the package that suits your needs. The Turbo spy software has helped many users for legitimate and legal purposes. Whether you are utilizing this product to ensure employees stay on task or arrive at work on time. Or a parent looking to protect their child and ensure safe cell phone use. The Turbo spy app will be there to help you monitor a cell phone. 

How To Install The Turbo Spy & Tracking App

The Turbo spy software is made easy for anyone to install, even if you do not have much experience utilizing technology. The simple three-step process allows you to download, activate, and monitor in only a few minutes. We have tested this product on both iPhones and Android phones and did not experience any issues. Both versions of the software came with step-by-step instructions with photos to show what precisely needs to be done. What really impressed us was how it instantly delivered results that I could view from my own smartphone, laptop, or web browser. We were highly impressed with how easy the Turbo spy app was to install compared to other phone monitoring apps. 

Should You Use The Turbo Spy App?

In the end, our overall experience with the Turbo spy and tracking app has blown our expectations away! For example, the product's ability to work on both Apple and Android devices without any rooting or jailbreaking. The Turbo spy and tracking software also has the incredible GPS map feature, which is one of my favorites! It makes it easy to keep track of where the device is. Not to mention their customer service is genuinely 24-hour help with helpful support specialists.

The Turbo spy app is one of the top monitoring apps out on the market today, and I would suggest starting to monitor your desired device with this product. Join their satisfied customers and start monitoring any iPhone, iPad, or Android device in only a few minutes. Spy on a cell phone easily with the help of the Turbo spy app!

To learn more about the app, go to: https://www.turbophonemonitor.com/.