Xnspy Review

In a Nutshell

Xnspy is a well-known cell phone tracking app on the market allowing users to remotely access data from a device. This software is beneficial for parents who are seeking to monitor their children's phone to ensure they are being safe on the internet. The installation process should not be too complicated, even for those who are not so tech-savvy. Unfortunately, Xnspy was difficult to utilize and they lacked customer service when it came down to technical support.


Our testers here at Top Ten Tracking Apps purchased Xnspy to monitor an iPhone to see if they are as user-friendly as advertised. Our personal experience with Xnspy resulted in an unsuccessful installation with multiple issues from the start. If you need a decently priced cell phone monitoring software that works, you can trust our honest Xnspy Review. We also recommend trying out another software we have reviewed, like Highster Mobile.


  • Various basic and advanced features.
  • Compatible with all Android versions.
  • Low prices for annual subscriptions.


  • Jailbreak and rooting required for advanced monitoring features.
  • Response time from customer support may take some time.
  • Does not offer full refunds, only partial refunds.
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What Is Xnspy?

Xnspy is a cell phone tracker service that can be used on both Android and Apple devices. This app provides users with the ability to record and upload data from a target device. The information is uploaded to an online user control panel for easy viewing. They do offer a free live demo on their website customers can utilize to explore the features offered and get a feel of how their service works.

How Does Xnspy Work?

The Xnspy app works differently for Android and iPhone devices and offers several ways of installing the software onto a target phone depending on personal preferences. To monitor an iPhone, there are certain requirements necessary before purchasing the Xnspy software. These include:

  • Physical access to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone must be connected to a computer through iTunes.
  • The computer and iPhone must be utilizing the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The iPhone must be jailbroken.

Once these prerequisites are completed, follow the step-by-step installation guide on their website to complete the installation process.

To monitor an Android device, purchase the subscription plan that best suits your needs and utilize the instructions provided to download the software onto the target phone. Once the installation process is complete, use the Xnspy login to view the information uploaded onto the online dashboard. The online dashboard is easy to navigate as it includes a list of any active devices currently being monitored on the home page, including the model, license key, and the option to view the dashboard for a particular device. Once you click on the “Dashboard” icon, details from the target device should appear like the percentage of the battery life, Wi-Fi details, Call and text logs, recent locations, and more.

How To Install Xnspy On iPhone & Android

Xnspy typically offers a No-Jailbreak installation process for iPhones utilizing the iCloud backup process, but currently, they are no longer utilizing that process. To install Xnspy onto an iPhone, the phone must be jailbroken on iOS devices running on iOS 6.0 up to 9.0.3 and requires physical access to the phone. There are no prerequisites for installing Xnspy onto an Android phone other than it is necessary to have physical access to the device. Once you obtain access, follow the provided steps to complete the installation process.

Xnspy offers a step-by-step installation guide for both Android and iOS devices after purchase sent via email.

Can Xnspy Be Detected?

It is possible for Xnspy to be detected by the owner of a device being monitored. Since Xnspy requires physical access to both Android and iPhone devices, the app will be visible on the phone. There are ways to try and hide the app on the home screen like placing it within a folder or for iPhones, there is an option to remove an app from the home screen while having the app installed onto the device. This does not mean the software is completely invisible from the device owner, which means it is not fully undetectable.

Key Features

The following list includes some of the features of Xnspy.

  • Social Media Apps
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Etc.
  • Phone Calls and Messages
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Contacts list
  • Track GPS Location
  • Real-Time, Current Location
  • Location History
  • Emails and other Online Activities
  • Sent and received emails
  • Browsing History
  • Wi-Fi Network Logs
  • Record Phone Calls and Listen to Phone Surroundings
  • View Photos, Videos, and Calendar Entries
  • Remotely Control Target Devices
  • Lock and unlock the phone
  • Wipe device data
  • App Blocking
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts

Needs Improvement

Our testers did not have the best experience with Xnspy, even for the low cost of their subscriptions. When our experts purchased this software, the installation instructions provided were extremely extensive and not user-friendly. There were multiple issues from the start when trying to complete the installation process and when it came down to requesting customer support, the response time from a representative took too long. The Xnspy software is not supported for newer versions of Android and iPhone devices, which was disappointing to discover.

User Skill/Experience Required

Through our personal experience with Xnspy, it is safe to say that to successfully utilize this service, it is necessary to have some previous user experience with cell phone monitoring apps. Their installation process is extensive and may or may not work if the target device cannot be accessed for a significant amount of time. Although this process has a step-by-step installation guide, even our experts could not get this product to work.


The following details contain the pricing for Xnspy’s iPhone and Android subscriptions:

Xnspy Basic Edition Xnspy Premium Edition
Per month $4.99 $7.49
Annually $59.99 $89.99

Our Findings

Our testers determined Xnspy is not the most reliable cell phone tracking app, especially for those who are not so tech-savvy. Our findings conclude:

  • Extensive installation instructions are difficult to interpret and follow.
  • The installation process was frustrating and difficult to complete.
  • Software lacked in completing the installation process, making it impossible to monitor a target device.
  • Extremely poor customer service- response time was slow and they did not issue a refund when requested after multiple attempts to install the software.

If you are a parent or employer seeking a simple cell phone tracking product to monitor either your child or business phones at a reasonable price, Xnspy is not the software for you. We highly recommend another mobile tracking software we have thoroughly reviewed, like Highster Mobile.